SpamTitan launches spam filtering service for SMBs

SpamTitan Technologies, a division of Copperfasten Technologies, has announced the launch of the SpamTitan Cloud service, powerful cloud based e-mail filtering that protects your business and e-mail users from spam, viruses and other malware.
The new SpamTitan Cloud service gives companies all the benefits of the multi-award-winning SpamTitan solution, without the high costs associated with deploying and managing local or virtual resources. With SpamTitan Cloud small- to medium-sized businesses receive unbeatable spam protection, improved network performance, and fail-safe reliability in an affordable package.

”Uptake of cloud computing is set to increase further in 2013 with cost savings and flexibility being the key motivators,” says SpamTitan Technologies CEO Ronan Kavanagh.

“Today’s announcement marks the next generation deployment phase for the SpamTitan suite of e-mail security solutions offering even more flexibility to our customers as well as increased efficiency, affordability and ease of use. We have always been innovative in our offerings – this takes that innovation to the next level.”

By using the SpamTitan Cloud service SMBs can configure SpamTitan to their exact requirements and be ready to block spam in minutes. Requiring no on-premises software or end-user client software, set up is extraordinarily simple and quick. After account setup and MX record redirection to SpamTitan Cloud servers, e-mail is automatically cleaned of 99,98% of spam, before any optional configuration changes.

Hosted e-mail services hold several advantages over their in-house counterparts but there are drawbacks as well. Each organization needs to examine their individual requirement and circumstances before deciding on the best option.

At SpamTitan Technologies we offer a full range of e-mail security solutions including an appliance for in-house deployment as well as the cloud based service – both offering the same core functionality.

One advantage of using a service like SpamTitan Cloud is that the volume of mail coming to your internal network is greatly reduced – by 80 to 90 percent in most cases. SpamTitan Clouds robust clustered network infrastructure significantly lowers the risk that your e-mail service will fail.

SpamTitan Cloud also offers a buffer for your e-mail system. If your internal e-mail server fails or your Internet connection goes down, your e-mail will accumulate on SpamTitan Cloud until your in-house problem is resolved.

SpamTitan Cloud offers all the enterprise level features you find in the SpamTitan appliance options, such as unbeatable spam blocking of 99.98%+, double anti-virus protection, LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification as well as SASL authentication and much more.

For more information, please contact Robinson Distribution.

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