Network-wide and cross-platform data availability

SEP sesam backup solutions are designed for client/server architectures from small data server environments to large heterogeneous, data processing centres with large databases and scalable Storage Area Networks (SANs). To meet the demands for high performance data security, SEP sesam utilises multiple, simultaneous back up streams to back up devices.

This minimises the time required to perform scheduled and unscheduled system backups. Low CPU utilisation and high transfer rates are assured through the use of SEP sesam’s patented back up processing algorithms. Through the use of platform independent JAVA, a uniform user interface is assured on all servers and clients.

SEP sesam supports all standard back up devices, tape libraries and Virtual Tape Libraries. Virtual Tape Libraries emulate tape library functionality, including the autoloader, on hard drives. With many years of experience developing
software in the field of Back up, Restore and Disaster Recovery SEP sesam is a multiple certified solution.

The SEP license model supports customers’ growth and development. For example, a SEP server license can be transferred between servers regardless of the server’s installed operating system.

Through simple a la carte licensing, cost of ownership is reduced. You never have to pay for more software than is required. With SEP, you do not have to move up to the next tier and pay a large surcharge. If you only need to license one additional server, you can do just that.

SEP sesam uses the Data Backup Server as the centre for all other products. Once installed, other products attach easily to the main data storage group. Adding clients to a SEP sesam Backup Server is safe and easy. Differences
in client operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, etc.) make no difference in the client licensing. With SEP sesam, a client is a client regardless of the operating system.

All attached computers running SEP software have immediate access to system installed back up devices. You license tape libraries by the number of tape slots. SEP does not license by the number of disk drives, data streams or
back up throughput. SEP sesam licensing is SIMPLE.

Safety features:
* Prove of readability – SEP sesam continuously tests the accuracy of the backup media.
* Encryption – for additional safety and security SEP sesam encrypts (via blowfish) data at the client and transfers the encrypted data to the server. To prevent the potential theft of back up data SEP sesam stores the backed up
data in encrypted form in the main data storage centre. Only when data is restored to a client or server is the data unencrypted.
* Easy restore tool – in the event of user data loss SEP sesam allows the system administrator to restore data to all users. The administrator can use SEP Scheduler to deliver lost data to the users making life for all
concerned painless.
* SEP sesam bare system recovery – multiple data recovery is possible using SEP sesam. From the most recent tape back up all the way to bare metal restore even with dissimilar hardware is possible with SEP sesam Bare
System Recovery.
* SEP live recovery – (separate product module) Asynchronous data base back up prevents downtime and data loss by allowing the system manager to maintain data integrity. Using SEP live recovery the system/operations
manager can maintain the highest level of data security.
A shadow file is created next to the actual database file and data is stored before it is written to back up. In the event of logical failure the db system can be rebuilt in a brief time to the point of failure.
* Data retention – SEP sesam creates a Virtual Tape Library or a tape drive block of backed up data on hard disks, revision-safe storage on tape and any other storage media. SEP sesam allows, also for the absolute deletion of
data media if required, as well as physical cloning.

A fully operational SEP sesam software package is available for a 30-day test for all supported operating systems and can be obtained via contacting Robinson Distribution. During the test phase we provide free installation support.

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