E-mail migration made simple

Are you considering moving from your current e-mail platform to a different on premise or cloud-based e-mail platform? There is nobody better to help you migrate your e-mail platform than the experts at GWAVA who have more than 10 years of experience securing, archiving and providing disaster recovery services for thousands of e-mail systems in companies just like yours.

Whether it’s a migration to the cloud or another on premise e-mail platform, the products, tools and partner-led services included in GWAVA’s Retain Migration Toolkit make migrating e-mail platforms simple.

GWAVA Retain is a market-leading unified archiving platform trusted for over a decade by thousands of customers worldwide. Retain specializes in efficiently and thoroughly extracting, storing, indexing, searching, publishing, and importing e-mail and its associated data.

In the extracting process, Retain copies e-mail data into its e-mail platform-agnostic archive format. From here, Retain can easily import this data, all or part, into any other e-mail system. There is no easier way to transfer data between e-mail systems or perform e-mail platform migrations than with Retain.

The products, tools and services included in the Retain Migration Toolkit enable you to:
* Lower cost – many migration utilities are expensive, require specialized consultants and are never used after the task is completed. The Retain Migration Toolkit provides the tools and services necessary to perform your migration. Additionally, it provides an enterprise archiving solution with a complete set of forensic tools that work to keep your intellectual property safe and within your control before, during and after a migration. Inactive or resource accounts never need to be migrated to the new messaging system, which reduces user licensing costs.

Retain’s compressed storage footprint reduces backup time, takes advantage of lower cost storage and saves network bandwidth. With your e-mail safe in Retain you never need to worry about local archives, PST file creation, export or import because you have every copy of those e-mails already imported into Retain.

For example, when migrating from Office 365 to another Office 365 implementation or to another e-mail system, it requires the export of PST files that will need to be imported into the new system.

This process is time consuming and results in lost metadata because every e-mail, calendar, task item, etc. has to be exported and imported individually. The Retain Migration Toolkit, allows you to migrate e-mail platforms without exporting PST files and ensures that your data remains intact.

* Increase efficiency – you choose which data (e-mail, tasks, folders, calendar items or address books) to migrate, according to your schedule, while still having access to old and slow moving data. You can schedule when data is transferred to take advantage of low bandwidth times. For Cloud migrations all data is transferred in compressed format ensuring quicker transfers (e.g., e-mail with multiple recipients are moved once, not once per mailbox).

* Reduce risk – having your e-mail stored in your data centre in an e-mail platform-agnostic format allows you to choose or switch messaging systems as you desire. Project delays due to corrupted messages are inevitable, but you always have access to your data to repair and manually import as needed. GWAVA’s seasoned support staff and technical partners have supported both on premise and hosted/cloud-based messaging environments for 10+ years.
You are safe in the knowledge that as complications arise you have access to a world class support team. In the case of internet downtime, Retain stores all your e-mail within your LAN so your e-mail is safe and accessible. Legal hold and proprietary customer information is safely stored away from any potential harm during the entire process.

* Minimise user downtime – with Retain your users are free to access their own e-mail through any web browser anytime during or after migration and then re-introduce their e-mail into the new e-mail system. This eliminates the need for the migration team to determine what data to migrate. Retain’s simplified search requires no training and all e-mail is presented exactly as it was stored in the e-mail system.

Retain is uniquely capable of simultaneously supporting multiple e-mail platforms which allow you the ability to phase in your users.

* Eliminate hassle – generate valuable reports on personal archive location, mailbox sizes, rules and shared folders. This allows your team to determine time and resource requirements to plan the best approach for managing the migration and to ensure success.

Get started today
The Retain Migration Toolkit enables you to easily move your e-mail data, regardless of platform. With Retain, migrate your e-mail quickly and securely, reduce migration cost and reduce the risk of data loss associated with e-mail migration.

With Retain you can ensure your end users continue to have access to their essential e-mail communications and maintain compliance during the process. Once migrated, Retain Unified Archive helps you ensure that your data is secure and easily accessible to you and your organization.

Get your e-mail migration started with the Retain Migration Toolkit. To take advantage of the benefits of Retain Unified Archiving, contact us today.

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